Typical Intersection Wire Ties




Common Names Snap Tie, Single Tie
Usage Slabs
Comments Simplest tie. Made stronger by doubling wire (called Double Snap Tie or Single Tie - Double Wire).




Common Names Wrap and Snap Tie
Usage Walls
Comments Holds horizontal and vertical bars in position. Also used to prevent bent bar ends from twisting out of position.




Common Names Saddle Tie, "U" Tie
Usage Beams, Columns, Walls
Comments Secures stirrups/ties to longitudinal bars. Used to tie wall curtains for climbing.




Common Names Wrap and Saddle Tie
Usage Heavy Mats
Comments Also used for securing column ties to vertical bars with heavy loads on ties.




Common Names Figure Eight Tie
Usage Beams, Columns, Walls
Comments Used in place of Saddle Tie or Wrap and Snap Tie, however doesn't have same holding strength as Saddle Tie. Holding strength can be increased by additional wrap around one bar.



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